Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekly Byte 10.20.08

Hello CFFers!
I have changed the blog address because I was having some problems with the other address. That is ok since no one visited my blog at the last address anyways. I spoke with the faculty today to show you where I keep the resources for integrating technology into your classrooms. The goal of the Classrooms of the Future program is to transform education in Pennsylvania. Most teachers dont understand how technology can transform their classroom into an engaging, interactive learning environment where students and teachers enjoy the experience.
I am available to you as a resource. I would like to sit down with each of you and see how I can help you and what I can learn from you. Please dont hesitate to ask (rcrider@franklinregional.k12.pa.us , x5012.

I wanted to start giving you a site of the week. My site for this week is www.jott.com This site is cool. You set up an account, maybe 5 minutes, and you will get a toll free number. Put this number in cell phone and anytime you want to send a note to yourself for your grocery list, a meeting, heck maybe a technology that you read about and wanted to have Roger help you with. All you have to do is call the number, leave a voice message and the message will be converted to text and sent to you in an email! Is that great or what? I have tried it so I know it works. Give it a shot.

Have a great week!