Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Byte 5.4.09

Hello Franklin Regional!

It has been two weeks since the last Byte, sorry for you avid readers. This week we have a few trainings that FR teachers will be attending. On Tuesday we have a math teacher and a science teacher attending Promethean Board training at the Westmoreland Intermediate Unit. On Wednesday there will be two English teachers taking the same training. Awesome stuff at the WIU! If you ever get the chance or are interested in upcoming training please let me know.

FR has been a popular place lately. We have had visitors from Burrell, Apollo Ridge and East Allegheny the past few weeks. They are coming here to see the great things that our teachers are doing in the classrroom. Special thanks to the Math dept, the Business Technology Dept, and Kristin for their efforts in sharing with these other districts.

Jesse and I attended a workshop at PSU last week. The workshop focused on copyright and fair use. It presented some new facts that many of you are probably not aware of when it comes to using resources in education. More to come on this!
Sites from session:

Teacher Spotlight

Special kudos to Gaye Burkett and Kristin Giron for giving their students the opportunity to use Evernote as an electronic option to note cards for research. Kristin gave her students the option of using Evernote (online notes) or the traditional handwritten note cards. 84% of students chose the online version! This is a great tool for notes and gives students a viable option to handwritten notes.
Thanks Gaye and Kristin for giving your students this choice!

Site of the Week
Kitzu, this site provides a ton of photos for educators organized by subject.