Thursday, December 18, 2008

Twas the Night Before Break

I had started to create an FR rendition of this traditional Christmas story however I realized that I am not a writer so I stopped in the middle. I just wanted to take time to thank the teachers for all their hard work during my first few months as the Tech Coach. I would also like to thank administration for their support. I hope that I have been helpful. I have alot of ideas and plans for the future. I just hope that we continue to get more time to really change how education looks here at FR.
When we get back from break I will continue with my classroom walkthroughs and plans for each department. I have enjoyed my visits so far in the Social Studies Department and I can't wait to visit with the other departments.
I am working dilligently to find other ways to get time for teachers who want to use technology and to find ways of getting resources to teachers.
We will have a late start in February to work on our embedded courses. It looks like most of you are moving right along with these.
Thanks again for your efforts and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Featured Site!

Is a great resource. If you like nettrekker you will love this site. You can search for tons of resources from lessons to interactives to media to assessments to worksheets. There are over 55,000 resources all for FREE!
Subjects include, art, economics, foreign language, geography, history, literatue, math, philosophy, language arts, science and social studies.
You can sign up for a free account so that you can collect resources under your login or you can just use the site without setting up an account.
There are resources for teachers, parents and students.
This site is well done.
Don't miss this one!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Weekly Byte 12.9.08

Good day CFFers

Holiday Break is almost here! I can't wait to spend time with family and friends.

This week I have begun my walk-throughs of the Social Studies classrooms. I am learning alot about Sociology, Civics, History and International Studies. I am learning alot about our teachers' teaching styles and I have alot of ideas to help better engage students, extend the learning beyond the school day and allow students to work collaboratively. I will be putting together my suggestions for next week and help this department implement anything that they choose.

Frank Ansell the Technology Coach from Yough High School will be visiting a few classrooms this Thursday to see our FR tech teachers in action. Kristin, Trap and Pam have graciously agreed to welcome him to their classes to share some ideas.

As always I have been updating the CFF Place Moodle page with resources, the blog is here, I am working on a training wiki to give teachers a place to find step by step instructions, and I will continue to do individual as well as small group trainings.
Today will be nettrekker training and when we come back the January trainings will be on Google.

Site of the week
My special CFF friend passed this one along to me.
This site allows you to quickly create a page that will create thumbnails of your most used websites. It will update them automatically and all you have to do is click and go to the site. Great tool!

Have a great week!
Coach Roger

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekly Byte 12.3.08

Things have been going smoothly. All classrooms have finally been connected! Phil and Julie were the last ones and they were connected over break. Promethean board usage has been increasing and I have been meeting with several people helping them set up lessons and use technology tools to enhance their classroom experiences.

Gaye has been busy implementing Moodle discussion boards in her English classes and she has begun to look into creating a classroom wiki for her students. Kristin has been creating flipcharts like mad! I recommend that all English teachers use her as a resource for content specific technology integration.

Thursday December 4th we will be having a late start. CFF teachers will be working on Embedded Learning coursework. I have made discussion board posts to each course. I will be on tomorrow during the morning to discuss course topics with you. Check out mine and other colleagues' posts. (

Next week we will have a training on Tuesday before and after school for nettrekker. Nettrekker is a tool that allows you and your students to search for educationally approved websites. This tool is great for helping you plan lessons.

Next week I will begin to do my classroom walkthroughs. I will email departments to inform you which rooms I will be visiting.

Have a great week!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weekly Byte 11.26.08

Happy Thanksgiving!

Remember that we will be having a late start for technology and DI on December 4th from 6:45-9:45. I have made posts to all of the courses so I look forward to discussing topics on that date.

Web 2.0 Terminology
Ning- is a social networking tool that allows you to create a place to share information, discuss in online forums, share pictures and videos, chat in the built in chat room and really just collaborate with colleagues or with your students. It is really like an academic facebook. Many educational uses. Example:

Wiki- is a simple way to create a webpage for you classes where you can share resources, discuss topics, and collaborate. This is a simple collaboration tool that allows you to really collaborate in your classrooms and extend the learning beyond the school day.
Wiki sites: Wetpaint, Wikispaces, Wiggio

Blog- a great educational tool that allows you to create weblogs for your classes. Students greatly benefit by creating their own blogs to use as journals for your classes. Students also benefit by responding to your blog discussing anything that you are working on in your classes.
Example: this is a blog
Blog sites: Blogger, Edublog

Social Bookmarking: You can bookmark sites on your browser, or put them in your favorites. To share these sites with others, you have to find them in your browser and then send them to people via email or another means. Social Bookmarking allows you to put your bookmarks online. You get an account with a social bookmarking site like, upload your bookmarks, and tag them (see "Social tagging") with keywords. You can only fit so many folders on your browser before it gets too cluttered, so you're always having to choose what you really want to add to them or not. Online, with tagging, things don't get as cluttered, plus you already have everything in a public place where it's easy to share it with others.
Examples: Diigo, Delicious

Podcasting: Like blogging, but with audio clips. You record yourself talking, or an interview or a reading of a book, and put it in a place where others can access the sound file.
Examples: iTunes, Podcast Alley

There are many more but this is enough for now. Please don't hesitate to ask for help with any of these.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Weekly Byte 11.19.08

Good day CFFers!

I am sure everyone is getting ready for their Thanksgiving Break!. I personally cannot wait to have a few days to kick back with Jack and Monica and relax. We have a few things coming up in the next few weeks for CFF.

November 25 (Tuesday) 6:50 or 2:30- Nettrekker training (Don't Miss this One!)
December 2 (Tuesday) 6:50 or 2:30- Google Docs Rocs!
December 4 (Thursday) 6:45-9:45- Late start, Online Coursework time

I will be trying to get into more classrooms over the next few weeks and see the great things that you are doing.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Coach Roger

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekly Byte 11.11.08

Here is a Wordle that I created from the Franklin Regional Strategic Plan. The words that appear largest are the ones that appear in the document most often. Which words are we using the most?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekly Byte 11.4.08

Good day CFFers!

It has been a busy week for all of us with grades being do, dashboard issues, power outages, etc. I have been working on updating the CFF Moodle page to include more resources for you. ( This week, Wednesday-Friday, Promethean will be here upgrading cabling and drivers. This means that people who have bluetooth will now be hardwired, people who have been having board connectivity problems will no longer (hopefully), and teachers who have had no problems will have a more user-friendly board. I am trying to create a schedule so that you know when your room will be completed.

This Friday we have in-service. In the afternoon we will be given 3 hours to work on technology initiatives. I will be available to help you create lessons that integrate technologies, try new tools, check out resources, whatever. Just let me know what you need help with. The last hour of the day 2-3 pm, Tina has approved Promethean Board training for everyone! The Math Dept. will report to 240, LangArts to 225, Science to 101, and Social Studies to 210. Your colleagues will be providing content specific trainings.

As always please ask me for help in your classrooms, planning, team teaching, whatever you need.

Site of the Week: is a free application that we have made available to users to use for their own needs to meet and discuss document in a real time fully synchronized fashion. The platform requires no download and / or installation. This tool is awesome! Students can collaborate on math problems, peer edit, or just create something in small groups. If you need me to show this to you just ask and we will set up a time to plan how to use this in your classroom.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekly Byte 10.20.08

Hello CFFers!
I have changed the blog address because I was having some problems with the other address. That is ok since no one visited my blog at the last address anyways. I spoke with the faculty today to show you where I keep the resources for integrating technology into your classrooms. The goal of the Classrooms of the Future program is to transform education in Pennsylvania. Most teachers dont understand how technology can transform their classroom into an engaging, interactive learning environment where students and teachers enjoy the experience.
I am available to you as a resource. I would like to sit down with each of you and see how I can help you and what I can learn from you. Please dont hesitate to ask ( , x5012.

I wanted to start giving you a site of the week. My site for this week is This site is cool. You set up an account, maybe 5 minutes, and you will get a toll free number. Put this number in cell phone and anytime you want to send a note to yourself for your grocery list, a meeting, heck maybe a technology that you read about and wanted to have Roger help you with. All you have to do is call the number, leave a voice message and the message will be converted to text and sent to you in an email! Is that great or what? I have tried it so I know it works. Give it a shot.

Have a great week!