Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekly Byte 11.4.08

Good day CFFers!

It has been a busy week for all of us with grades being do, dashboard issues, power outages, etc. I have been working on updating the CFF Moodle page to include more resources for you. (http://eschool.franklinregional.k12.pa.us) This week, Wednesday-Friday, Promethean will be here upgrading cabling and drivers. This means that people who have bluetooth will now be hardwired, people who have been having board connectivity problems will no longer (hopefully), and teachers who have had no problems will have a more user-friendly board. I am trying to create a schedule so that you know when your room will be completed.

This Friday we have in-service. In the afternoon we will be given 3 hours to work on technology initiatives. I will be available to help you create lessons that integrate technologies, try new tools, check out resources, whatever. Just let me know what you need help with. The last hour of the day 2-3 pm, Tina has approved Promethean Board training for everyone! The Math Dept. will report to 240, LangArts to 225, Science to 101, and Social Studies to 210. Your colleagues will be providing content specific trainings.

As always please ask me for help in your classrooms, planning, team teaching, whatever you need.

Site of the Week: http://www.showdocument.com. ShowDocument.com is a free application that we have made available to users to use for their own needs to meet and discuss document in a real time fully synchronized fashion. The platform requires no download and / or installation. This tool is awesome! Students can collaborate on math problems, peer edit, or just create something in small groups. If you need me to show this to you just ask and we will set up a time to plan how to use this in your classroom.


pmacioce said...

what about teachers whose boards aren't connected?!

Kristin said...

I am using showdocument.com this week for a peer edit on a paper.

FR Business Department Blog said...

Phil, I am working on this issue. By next week I am hoping that you will be ready to roll. Make sure that you attend Pam's session on Friday. You will be impressed!

FR Business Department Blog said...

Thanks for being a technology leader at FR! Your session using ShowDocument was awesome!