Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Byte 4.17.09

We are 33 days from the end of the year. A couple things to remind you.

1. embedded learning coursework should be completed by July 31st
2. I know that many of you do final projects in your classes. If you would like some new ideas on how to improve the experience for you and your students please let me know and we can set a date that I can help you with freshening up your final projects.
3. I am available to work with anyone on new ideas for next year if you like to plan ahead. I would even be available this summer to meet and share any resources or ideas for the next school year

Site of the Week
This site provides a ton of resources on a variety of Literature, US History, and Poetry. You can search for different topics and the site provides you with summaries, themes, quotes, plot analysis, study questions, characters, and web sites about the topic you choose. There is even a Book Club page that provide opinions and discussions about various books. Great resource! thanks KAG

Story of the Week
I have a teacher, who shall remain nameless, that has recently caught the technology bug! She has been slowly adding Moodle discussions and the use of other online resources to her courses. It is great to see her new found excitement. She told me the other day that she had students ask her if they could use Quizlet to help them study for one of their upcoming exams and her student have been much more engaged in discussions thanks to her Moodle discussion boards.

Personal Site of the Week

I decided to add this new segment to my weekly byte.
You may have seen a tv commercial about this site. Hulu provides tons of free movies and television shows that you can view whenever you like. They include networks such as Fox Movie Channel, NBC Universal, National Geographic, the Sundance Channel and more. Check it out!

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