Tuesday, July 20, 2010

FR Technology Boot Camp

Our first summer boot camp for teachers will take place on Thursday August 19th and Friday August 20th from 8-12 each day. A flyer was included in your July paycheck outlining what we will be covering each day. You can sign up for one or both days if you like. We will be covering different content on each day. We will be working diligently to make this beneficial for all levels in the district.
Our team of trainers consists of Roger Crider, Maureen Garda, Kristin Giron, and Lisa Stewart. Here is the schedule of events for those two days.

Thursday August 19th
Moodle: How to use this course management system to give students what they need
Deliver content in another fashion besides lectures and worksheets
Video, online resources, projects, project-based learning
Chats/discussion forums
Google Docs: Increase collaboration in your classroom
Project-based learning: collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms
Ten Tech Tools for Education: (Glogster, Prezi, Pixton, Wordle, Jog the Web, Youtube, United Streaming, Wallwisher, Todays Meet, Quizlet, Webspiration)

Resources: (Polleverywhere, Delicious, Teach Paperless)

Friday August 20th
Google tools: So you think you know Google? See what tools it provides besides basic search.
Advanced search, Reader, Wonder Wheel, Books, Timeline, Scholar, Alerts, News)
Twitter: Develop your own PLN. Gather content specific information.
Use Twitter to follow content experts and communities of learners
Blogs: Interact with your classes in a format that they will use!
Create your own classroom blog to provide students with information and engage them!
Microsoft Office 2007 Tools: Get up to speed on Word, Excel, Powerpoint and how to use them to engage students in the classroom

Click on this link to sign up for one or both days.

Please email Roger Crider if you have any questions. (rcrider@franklinregional.k12.pa.us)

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