Monday, November 15, 2010

Skype in the Classroom/Snagit Learning

For those Skype fans out there, Skype is putting together Skype in the Classroom. Skype in the Classroom, which launches in December, will be a free directory of classrooms that are using Skype and looking to connect with other classrooms. You can pre-register now for Skype in the Classroom to get your name in the directory.
Skype is a great tool for teachers to connect with content experts from any where at any time. Hopefully this directory will be a great connecting tool for classrooms much like ePals.

Snagit Learning, provides high quality educational videos and documentaries on a variety of topics from arts to world cultures. The videos are organized by content area, grade level and alphabetical. Here is today's film of the week on minimizing childhood obesity.
Watch more free documentaries

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