Friday, December 17, 2010

Edublog Award Winners

Edublogs runs a contest each year for several areas of from Best Educational Blog to Best Individual Tweeter. These are some awesome resources for improving instruction in your classrooms. Many of these people are at the forefront of educational reform and are from all over the world. I recommend following some of these blog and tweeters using Google Reader for blogs and Twitter for following tweeters.
Here is a link to the top three from each category and all those nominated.

I also wanted to post the winners from each category and links to their blogs.

Best Individual Blog- Free Tech 4 Teachers
Best Individual Tweeter- Teach Preschool
Best Group Blog- Irresistible Ideas for play-based learning
Best New Blog- Speech Techie
Best Class Blog- Billings Beta
Best Student Blog- Emily's Blog
Best Resource Sharing Blog- Free Tech 4 Teachers
Most Influential Blog Post- The $2 Interactive Whiteboard
Most Influential Tweet(s)- Speak Loudly
Best Teacher Blog- Teacher Tom
Best Library Blog- Castellija School Library
Best School Administrator Blog- Darcy Moore's Blog
Best Educational Tech Support Blogs- Free Technology For Teachers
Best E-Learning Blog- Rapid E-Learning Blog
Best Educational Use of Video- Project Explorer
Best Educational Wiki- Greetings from the World
Best Educational Podcast- Portable Radio
Best Educational Webinar Series- Global Ed Conference
Best Educational Use of a Social Network- English Companion Ning
Best Educational Use of a Virtual World- Quest Atlantis


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Ms. Giron said...

The English Companion Ning is a great resource! Use stuff from there all the time and it is a great way to connect with other English teachers!