Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Weekly Byte 2.3.09

Well after an awesome SuperBowl win by the number one team of all time, I am lucky enough to be at a two day training in Beaver. After braving the hour plus drive for two days I thought it would be good to give some feedback about what I learned at this training.

1. I was reminded how easy it is to create a mulitmedia presentation using Photo Story (this is loaded on the CFF COWS and teacher laptops.
2. What a great graphic organizer Inspiration is (on CFF laptops) and that you can access an online version of this program, Webspiration. Good tool to teach students how to organize thoughts.
3. www.podbean.com is a great tool to post audio and video files to allow student access. (more on this later)

I will be attending the Pennsylvania State Technology Conference next week. Stay tuned for updates from the conference (Feb 7-11). Check my blog for daily updates. I will also be bringing back to FR alot of new resources and ideas to share with you.

Important Dates:
February 24, late start for embedded learning. (make sure that login to your account before this day to make sure that you don't have any issues. i would like to solve any problems before this day so you can get 3 hours of good work)

February 27, Flip the Switch event. There will be local politicians, central administration, school board members in the senior high school for the morning. I will be asking some of you to be feature teachers, we will schedule a period where you will be using technology in your lesson.

thanks and have a great week! (the first person who emails me the phrase "i cant believe its not butter" wins a prize

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