Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekly Byte 2.25.09

Embedded Learning Courses
Tuesday was our third late start for the embedded coursework. Everyone seems to be moving along at an appropriate pace. We will have one more late start date on April 1st. This will be the last day we have time during the school day. Remember that all coursework must be completed by July 31st.
There were very few problems this time. I attribute that to the teachers trying the courses before the late start day. That way I was able to solve all of the problems but one, sorry Missy.

English Technology Day at Valley High School
On Tuesday Kristin, Sam and I attended the English Tech Day with teachers and tech coaches from around Westmoreland County. It was an awesome event where teachers were able to share some great lessons that integrate technology. The teachers then had the opportunity to work with other districts to create lessons that integrate technology based on PA English Standards. There were some great lessons shared.
All of the resources shared can be found at http://www.westcffenglish.ning.com
Check this site out it is awesome. Lots of lessons and feel free to post to a discussion board.
The other great resource that i thought was quality is http://www.readwritethink.org
This is a great source for students and teachers to learn about all types of writing.

There will be days like this around Westmoreland County for Social Studies, Math and Science. Check back to this blog regularly for future dates.

Tuesdays with Roger
I will be starting the Tuesdays with Roger trainings again beginning in March. March topics will be announced next week.

thanks and have a great day!
Coach Roger

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Pam Mayo said...

I'd be interested in attending one of those tech days for math- let me know if one becomes available.