Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekly Byte 3.30.09

I had a chance to speak with some teachers about Twitter the other day. I was explaining to them what it was and the fact that I was currently trying to figure out how it could be used for education. One teacher made the statement, "I think that is a problem when people are always trying to figure out how to use new technologies for educational purposes." I didn't make a response because I am not good at quick responses but after thinking about it my response should have been this, every day there is something new in the world of technology. Our students use new technologies all the time for personal uses and some for educational uses. Part of my job as a Technology Coach is to find these resources for teachers and show them how they can make their classrooms more engaging, make their jobs easier and/or make their students educational experience better. So if you ever hear about a new technology and wonder how it can improve your class let me know and I will help you to figure out if it is a good tool and how we can improve you class with it.

Here are some ideas on how Twitter could help you.
Free Tech 4 Teachers

Wednesday we have our last late start to complete our embedded coursework. Please make sure that you can access your class prior to Wednesday morning so if there are any problems I can get them remedied. thanks

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