Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Byte 3.9.09

The Flip the Switch Event was a rousing success! On Friday February 27th, we had seventeen guests at the Senior High School. Representative Pallone, Representative Markosek, Dr. D'Arcangelo, Frank Muto, several board members, members of the press and technology staff members from the Greater Latrobe School District and the Penn Trafford School District got a chance to witness first hand how our teachers and students are integrating technology. Our teachers and students did a fabulous job demonstrating how we are changing instruction here at the high school. I want to thank everyone for their participation in this event.

Special thanks to Principal Burns, Kristin Giron, Dana Metzgar, Daniel Casebeer, Jeff Traphagen, Barb Koury, Pam Mayo, Mark Wolfgang, Dottie Grego, Lynne Stalnaker, Christa Smith, Beth Hitt, Doug Komandt, Cameron Loutit, Meagan Daldoss, Kaitlyn Green, Jeff Wicklund and his crew for their efforts.

Websites of the Week, have you ever had a website that you wanted to share with students or colleagues but it was extremely long and difficult to share? Tinyurl will allow you to copy a long url and have a short one created for you. This makes it easier to share., this site is a great tool for creating Jeopardy games for use in your classrooms. It is much easier to use than any Jeopardy templates that you may currently be using to create games for reviewing course information. Give it a try.

This week I will be continuing to visit English classrooms to see how I can help our English Department improve instruction.

Next Tuesday, March 17th I will be doing a Tuesdays with Roger session on using wikis in the classroom.

Thanks and have a great week!

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