Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weekly Byte PETE & C 2010

I have been here for three days now and have learned a ton. The best thing is to get to talk with other people who are trying to do the same things in their districts. It is interesting but scary at the same time. So many of us know that we need to make major changes in education or our students will be unemployed in the new economy. Even though there are 2500+ people here how many are going to actually try and make changes in their districts? Sorry to get a little serious.
Anyways I just figured out how to share articles/blog posts from Google Reader in my blog. I know, I know, what is Google Reader? I will be sharing Google Reader in April at my Google Workshop so come and check it out.
But for now see "Roger's Shared Items" on the left of this page.
I will posting again soon to share some of my learnings.

My next session is starting! shhhh

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