Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mathematics and Multimedia

Mathematics and Multimedia is a math blog that provides some interesting information and several "how-to's" for creating math tools using PowerPoint add Geogebra. There are several links to other math resources also available.
The author of this blog is now organizing a Mathematics and Multimedia Blog Carnival.

Here are some of the topics that they will be discussing:
1. integration of technology in teaching mathematics;
2. connections among different topics and mathematics as well as connections of mathematics to other fields;
3. explanation of the ideas behind concepts in mathematics;
4. problem solving and proofs;
5. pedagogy and teaching mathematics.

The author is looking for math teachers to submit ideas, questions, comments etc. See the blog for more information and to participate. It begins on July 5th.

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G. Bautista said...

Thank you for including Mathematics and Multimedia in your blog.

Guillermo Bautista