Wednesday, May 26, 2010

World Language Resource

LangMedia offers some interesting resources for a multitude of languages. This site offers videos of common everyday interactions in the language and even breaks it down by countries. For instance, Spanish in Argentina, French in France, and many, many more. Foreign lanugage and English language transcripts are provided for each video. There are also photos of signs that would be seen in a number of public situations, restroom signs, emergency signs, banking, post offices, and many more.
Would be a great resource for world language students and teachers to view short interactions in whatever language they might be studying.
Great Resource!

Spanish Resource- provides a selection of videos about everyday interactions spoken in Spanish. Videos are embeddable for use on a webpage, wiki or blog.

Teaching and Learning Spanish
This blog posts a variety of resources for Spanish teachers. Seems like a great resource for up to date online Spanish resources. Provides links to Children Websites, other Spanish blogs to follow, foregin language advocacy group links, and teacher resource links.

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