Friday, March 12, 2010

Burrell Social Studies Technology Day

Today I am enjoying the Social Studies Technology collaboration day at Burrell Senior High School. These collaboration days are an awesome opportunity to learn and share technologies being used in the Social Studies classrooms around Westmoreland County.
A special thanks to Brandon Aganad and Tina Sauers for taking a day out of their busy schedule to attend this workshop. Please feel free to ask them for any resources or opinions on today.

Here is the Wiki being used to house all the resources and discussions from today.

Superintendent Shannon Wagner greeted the group with this, "We at Burrell firmly believe that giving teachers technology without the support, training and time to learn is not going to work." They have a full time technology coach for K-12. They provide time for teachers to learn and integrate new technologies into the classroom in a number of creative ways.

Cool Diversity Project!

Cool sites from today
I learned another tool today just from talking to someone at this workshop. Try this one, This site provides a 60 second video of a variety of books or chapters from books. Some of the books covered here are; Lord of the Flies, Fahrenheirt 451, Hamlet, Animal Farm, Frankenstein, Great Expectations, Night, Catcher in the Rye and more.

Another cool site shared today,
This one is like Wordle on steroids. It allows you to create text inside of text, facny rollover effects, custom colors and shapes, and its free!!!

Really some good tools shared today. I would check out the Westmoreland Social Studies wiki to get access to resources for social studies.

If anyone needs help using any of these tools and/or applying these in your classroom please let me know.

I want to apologize for not adding links for all sites but here at Burrell they block

Thanks and have a great weekend!

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