Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekly Byte 3.10.10

I have been finding alot of resources lately from my Twitter account. Everyone is talking about the need for change in education. One of the best resources I have found is from Wil Richardson. He is an educational researcher and speaker. He actually spoke in August at Burrell. He is spearheading a project called "Ten Big Questions for Education". If you click on this link it will take you to the wiki that he has created to gather input on ten questions for educators to consider. Really good stuff!

PSSA Review Flipcharts
Here is a link to Promethean Planet. They have created several flipcharts to use in class to review for PSSA Math and Reading. If you are looking for a way to review in your classes this might be a good start.

SAS Portal Training Opportunity
The Standards Aligned System is the tool created by the state department of education for writing curriculum, aligning to standards, providing assessments, instructional materials and interventions all in one place. If you are in or approaching cyclical review this would be a good resource for your planning. See Tina about sending department members to training. PATTAN is offering one day trainings.

Site of the Day
Paper Rater, is a tool that allows students to upload a paper prior to turning it into their teacher. The site does not require any downloading of software. Student will get feedback on spelling/grammar, plagiarism detection, and it will even give some tips on how they can improve their paper. This can help to minimize student questions and give the students another resource for feedback on their writing.

Have a great day!

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