Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Byte 3.1.10

Good day my friends! You know its a good day when you don't have to shovel your driveway. I hope we are done with snow for this year. I would really like to see my grass soon. Hopefully you can find something useful to you in this week's post.

Video of the Week
I have been doing alot of reading about the future of work. Last week's video was from Sir Ken Robinson and his talk about the need for schools to teach creativity. Creativity is key for our students to be competitive in the new world economy.
Dan Pink is another author who focuses on work in the new world economy. Here is a video from his newest book, Drive. This video deals with finding your sentence. We need to help our students find their sentence and hopefully give them some insight into what they want to do in their future.

Who to Follow
A good resource that you can follow on Twitter or through your Facebook is Promethean Planet. They provide up to date resources that appear on their site. All subject areas are covered and allow you to download flip charts that you can use in class. Just search for Promethean Planet on Twitter or Facebook and you are set! If you don't have Twitter or Facebook, GET ON THE BUS!

PETE & C Resources
I found this resource on the Pete & C Ning. Science 2.0 is a site created on Google Sites that provides resources on using Web 2.0 tools in your science classroom. Tools such as wikis and Voicethread are discussed.

Workshop Reminder
Moodle Workshop- March 9- 2:30-3:30
ActivInspire Workshop- March 24- 2:30-3:30

Have a great week!

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