Monday, May 24, 2010

Multimedia Timelines

Here are 5 tools for creating multimedia timelines. Great resources for students to add images and videos to timelines and great for teachers to eliminate the older poster timelines.

Allows students to collaborate, just as they would when creating a wiki, to build a multimedia timeline. XTimelines can include text, images, and video.

Offers nicer layouts than XTimeline such as, staggering or indenting events below each other in sequence. TimeGlider also makes it easy to display the relative importance of an event by increasing its size compared to other events on the timeline.

Time Toast
Very easy to learn and use. To add events simply click on the "add event" button and a simple event box pops up where you can enter text, place a link, or add a picture. Lacks advanced editing feature that are present in XTimeline and TimeGlider. This is a more suitable choice for elementary or middle school students.

Time Rime
Allows users to create timelines that include text, images, audio and video. One of the better features is that you can have more than one type of media for each event on your timeline. You can also select which media type you want as the feature piece of each event. You can also embed the timeline in a blog or email it.

This is a great tool that allows users to incorporate text, images and videos into each entry on their timeline. Also incorporates a mapping feature that allows users to place a related Google Maps bookmark for the timeline. Built in collaboration option for sharing projects. Able to add multiple types of media which allows users to add more detail and information than in a traditional timeline.

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